The philosophy of the School Resource Officer program is to fill specific different roles to achieve the desired outcome. Teacher, Counselor, and Law Enforcement Officer.

The SRO is placed within the educational environment and is involved in a variety of functions, mostly aimed at prevention. The SRO reviews all cases involving students and helps to determine the best course of action to prevent the action from reoccurring. The SRO is not the school disciplinarian, however, the SRO does provide all security at the school during school hours. Other duties include: Reporting and investigating of any criminal activity at the school. - Reporting and investigating of any traffic accidents occurring at the school. - Police escort for student athletes participating in off-campus events. - On-campus security for all sporting events. - School traffic direction.

The D.A.R.E. program was started in Oneonta City Schools in 1990. The first D.A.R.E. instructor was former Oneonta Police Officer Larry Dabbs. Other D.A.R.E. instructors that followed were former Oneonta Police Sgt. Rex Sorrow, the late Police Chief Dave Odom, and Sgt. Steve Gunn. The SRO program was started in 1999, with a Justice Department COPS grant, and the first police officer to be placed into the school on a full time basis was Sgt. Steve Gunn. In 2006, Officer Scott Evans assumed the role of school resource officer. Officer Keith Roddam assumed the role of SRO in 2011. The D.A.R.E. program has since been replaced by the “Too Good For Drugs” program.

Officer Roddam has been employed with the Oneonta Police Department since2000 and has received specialized training in the areas of school security, student instruction and conflict mediation.

Oneonta, AL

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