We understand that being in a motor vehicle accident is a stressful time. If you have been involved in a vehicle crash, You may pick up a copy of your accident report at the Oneonta City Hall, 202 3rd Ave. E. Oneonta Al. 35121. Your accident report should be ready within 5 business days following your crash. In some cases it may take longer for your report to be ready. Please call before you come to ensure that your accident report is complete and ready to be picked up. You can call City Hall at: 205-274-2150


You are required by law to complete a SR31 form for each accident anytime there is death, personal injury or property damage to any one owner in excess of $500.00. You can only file this form if you have not been compensated for your injuries or losses. You can obtain this form from the Alabama Department of Public Safety Online Services website. 


The form must be mailed to:

Department Of Public Safety

Safety Responsibility Unit

P.O. Box 1471

Montgomery Al. 36102-1471


If you are needing to pick up a copy of a report that has already been filed, you will need to come to the front office of the Oneonta Police Department, in person. Please take note that only the listed victim on the report will be allowed to obtain a full copy of a police report. You will need a valid photo identification to pick up a copy of your report. You will be able to pick up copies of reports during business hours. The Oneonta Police Department is open Monday thru Friday 8 AM - 4 PM (excluding holidays). You may call the Oneonta Police Department at (205-625-4351) to ensure that your report is ready. 


One of our most common complaints received involves speeding and running stop signs in residential areas. In an effort to address this problem we are approaching it from several avenues.

We are attempting to educate drivers to the problem. Teenagers are generally thought to be the main culprit. Contrary to popular belief, most traffic violations in residential areas are committed by the adult’s of that community. Teens tend to draw more attention to themselves because their vehicles or their music seems to be louder. The violations tend to be more flagrant. Most of us don't get behind the wheel with the intention of speeding. Unfortunately with todays fast pace life style we are often preoccupied with other matters and speed without realizing it

The second portion is the use of a RADAR speed display trailer. This is a self contained RADAR unit with a speed limit sign and a large LED display which alerts drivers to their speed. As the driver approaches the trailer, their speed is displayed. When the driver is at or below the posted limit the display is steady. If the driver is exceeding the posted limit the LED display flashes the speed.

The third portion is higher visibility in the problem areas. We are increasing enforcement. In addition to encouraging voluntary compliance, we are increasing our enforcement activities in the residential areas where we see the most flagrant and highest volume of violations. We will be using marked and unmarked vehicles for increased enforcement in these neighborhoods.
If you or your neighborhood are interested in assisting with these efforts, or have a suggested location for the RADAR trailer please contact us. 205-625-4351.


 State Sex Offender Registry Click Here

The Oneonta Police Department posts and maintains this registry of sex offenders who are residing in or near Oneonta, AL. This information is provided for public awareness and safety only. This is not the official State Sex Offender Registry. There is a link above to the States site. If you believe a person's name is on the list in error or have any questions or concerns regarding an individual named on the list please contact the Oneonta Police Department.


Christopher T. Cornelius

Jason A. Delpriore

Jeremy D. Hathcock

James T. Johnson

Gary A. Cobb

Michael J. McCay

Sidney E. Chandler

James C. Pate

Anthony A. Short

Berry W. Tipton

Randall D. Walker

Normand M. Cormier

Jason S. Shupiery

Clinton W. Bushard

Walter M. Butler

Walter R. Hunt

Jack S. Wilson

Jeffrey N. Turner

Lyle W. Oden

Jackie M. White

Bentley C. Griffith

Ronald W. Crawford

James H. Killough II

Thomas E. Clay


181 Cobbly Knob Lane Oneonta, AL

516 Sawyer Mountain Road Oneonta, AL

6344 County Hwy. 27 Springville, AL

37021 State Hwy. 75 Oneonta, AL

2187 County Hwy. 29 Oneonta, AL

30 Cornelius Circle Oneonta, AL

564 Sycamore Drive Oneonta, AL

2341 Sims Road Oneonta, AL

1290 Dumas Bridge Road Oneonta, AL

318 Gladden Road Springville, AL

3042 Sawyer Mountain Road Oneonta, AL

214 Sycamore Drive Oneonta, AL 35121

214 Putman Drive Oneonta, AL

201 Hudson Ave. Oneonta, AL

849 Hoods Cross Roads Oneonta, AL

521 Old Hwy. 75 Oneonta, AL

1004 Rose Street Oneonta, AL

1919 County Hwy. 39 Oneonta, AL

4789 County Hwy. 42 Oneonta, AL

1137 Sawyer Mountain Road Oneonta, AL

696 Highland Dam Road Oneonta, AL 35121

9605 U.S. Hwy. 132 Altoona, AL

938 Cotton Ave. Oneonta, AL

75 Nolin Drive Springville, AL


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